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 As a qualified teacher, Paul moved naturally into the canine classroom where he provides one-to-one and small group training for dogs of all ages.

In the winter, the group classes are held at Whitwell Village Hall which is an excellent venue with good car parking and plenty of space. Paul trains on special rubber matting which is laid specifically for the class sessions. This matting is non slip and also provides good cushoning for the dogs joints which is especially important during the puppy training classes.

In the summer months Paul runs outdoor classes in his training areas. 

Individual one to one training is sometimes carried out indoors but more often carried out in private outdoor training areas where more open and advanced training can take place.




 Whether in a class or booking one to one, concentration is on individual attention with each dog working at their own pace and    achieving to their own highest level. The classes are fun and informative and very sociable, both for dogs and owners!

Paul is also happy to answer questions in regard to behavioural issues that may arise at home, or direct a student to some extra one to one tuition.

The lessons are structured to ensure a learning progression, which evolves during the course. 







The Puppy and Young Dog Class is a combinbation approach of both Behavioral training and Obedience training.

JollyBehavioural training is any type of training that teaches dogs to behave well around both people and other animals. It may include some basic commands, but the goal is to make them good citizens as dogs and a joy to have around the home. Behavioural training is simple foundation training that is especially appropriate for younger dogs that are just getting started or those that need a little revision or whose skills may have been impaired by their past lives.

Socialisation comes under this heading and Paul works to include some relaxed time in his classes to allow dogs to learn to interact (especially in the puppy class) and hone their inter dog communication skills. Many dogs become fearful, over boistrous or dominant in inter dog situations simply because they lack good canine communication skills. In other words, dogs need to learn how to talk to each other and use their calming signals to good effect. As a behaviourist this is an area Paul believes is very important, for good communication helps our dogs learn to become friendly and outgoing dogs.

Obedience Training, the other part of the approach  is focused on making dogs obedient to their owners through the use of commands Willowlikesit, stay, lie down, etc. It is slightly more advanced than the behavioral training, but it will usually include some training to resolve any behavioral problems before they start. Obedience training covers all the early commands and graduates through to their use in a more complex environment. Obedience training also covers lead walking. Paul always demonstrates all the exercises and often works hands on with individual dogs. 

Paul also teaches natural leadership, and the combination approach of Behaviour and Obedience training is created to ensure that this is easily achieved so that dog and human work in natural harmony.

As with his individual training and behaviour modification, Paul uses Reward Based training methods at the core of his teaching.

The Puppy Classes run for one hour and are suitable for puppies under 8 months. Groups are matched according to age as much as possible. Free time and time to play with toys are an important ingredient in puppy training and these classes are designed to get the most from your puppy whilst still allowing them to be puppies. Foundation commands and lead walking are also covered using reward based training. Cost - six sessions £35.


Paul welcomes dogs and handlers of all ages (you are never too old to learn or have fun!)

Paul also welcomes young handlers (though any handler under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult). 



  For more information or to book a place please either email or ring Paul or Laura at Cottage Canines. 

                                                                                          Puppy Class 

The Winter Class of 2013 -- The puppies recieve their rosettes