The Canine Team

                                                                        The Canine Team

 Jayden is 13 years old and a yellow Labrador. She is an island dog and her mother, Tammy lived on the farm belonging to Pauls family.  Jayden has always loved a run across the fields and although at thirteen years of age she is taking things a little slower, she still enjoys a game of ball. She is a happy and relaxed dog.

In November 2010 she had a litter of puppies, one of which joined our family. 

Jayden is a healthy dog with good hip scores and a good pedigree but most importantly she is a wonderful family pet, with a heart of gold. Jayden is a wonderful teacher, too. Although she has retired now, for many years Jayden helped in Pauls traning of puppies and young dogs, helping with their social skills and socialisation and being very calm when working with nervous or cautious dogs. 

  JJ                J and pups        

Jayden 2014  Jayden 



Charm is our Cavalier King Charles and she is 8 years old. Once again we know her history as we bought her from a family near Laura's parents home in Liverpool, where we saw both dam and sire and were able to visit and play with her from only a few days old. She is a lively little girl with an independent streak and a love of playing. She is also a very quick learner who enjoys exhibiting her skills in Obedience!

Charm pup                  charm sleep

Charm works well with our pack and lives up to her breed as a little spaniel and will scent and run with all the bigger dogs. Charm also helps in the training of puppies and young dogs and will sometimes join the puppy class to aid socilisation. 


 Charm hunt


Tia. Tia is Jaydens puppy and she is a black Labrador. Tia's father was a Field Trial working Labrador. Tia is now 5 years old. She is an amazing companion and very attentive on a walk.Tia loves to train and work, and will follow commands at a distance across a field and retrieve well. She also adores her long runs on the downs with the others .... but at home she is a dream and loves playing with Jayden and any dog we have visiting or just chilling with us all!

Tia had formed a bond with Matty our old Labrador, who I know has passed her many secrets.

Tia is also used as a training dog, working with Paul as a trigger dog to help dogs that show anxiety towards other dogs and passing on her immence range of communication skills. 


Tia 1           Matty and Tia    

IMG_2649   Tia Ch


 Our newest additions are Dash and Luna, two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Dash and Luna are siblings and they are Charms daughters. From health tested parents (mainland sire) Dash and Luna are bred to be small spaniels as Cavaliers are suposed to be. They are active little dogs who love training and who enjoy working (and playing!) alongside Tia. Tia adores them both. Dash and Luna are now 2 years old.

Dash can be found attending classes with Paul from time to demonstrate training. She also works with dogs during training sessions and with very young puppies to improve communication skills. She is confident and attentive. 

Luna is the acrobat. She loves agility and can clear a jump with ease. Luna is also occaisionally attends classs or works with young puppies. She is very gentle. Both dogs are confident and independent.



Tia. Dash.Luna


 At any one time a range of dogs can be found at Paul and Lauras, from re-homed rescue dogs to passing puppies. Paul has observed and worked with animals in a pack environment for many years and has learned a great deal about Canine Behaviour along the way. Over the years his own dogs have been the best teachers in the world and a pleasure to own. 


                          Nellie and Tia

Hettie Little Hettie.DudleyDudley


group 3







Mable - Passed away aged 15 xx



Matty was our elder statesman. She was 14 years old, a real sage and greying with distinction.  She was the perfect companion and a wonderful teacher for young dogs. She loved swimming in everything from a muddy puddle to the open sea. In fact I recall her breaking the ice one winters morning in order to splash in a water trough on Ventnor Downs! She also loved retrieving and would play ball for hours! We will miss her so very much. Very luckily, she wasn't ill for long and passed away naturally in my arms. Big hug Matty xxx