Dog Training

                                             The benefit of Training





A dogs life is a complex one, if only for the fact that they have to try and live in and understand our busy human world.  

We often think to train our puppies and then we sit back and think our work is done. And yet in fact, it has only just begun! Adolescent dogs (the teenage months!) are often harder to handle than the puppy stage, as our young dogs are now full of energy and hormones and all the hard work we’ve put into teaching them basic good manners just seems to go out the window. Indeed, the little fluffy puppy is nowa an independent young dog.

However, being prepared to deal with the changes in our dog’s behaviour as they grow up makes it easier to live through, and stops us getting frustrated and giving up on the dog altogether. Remember, too changes in our life can change our dogs behaviour, too. Moving home, the arrival of a new baby, the arrival of a new member of the family, starting work - all these things can upset the daily routine of our dog and effect their behaviour. 

Many of us now take on re homed dogs too, that may not have had the security of good training in the past. Often a short refresher course will help dog and family bond together and nip any problems in the bud.

Training is fun for all the family and young handlers are especially welcome (accompanied by an adult).

Training sessions are not suitable for those whose dogs have behavioural issues as training alone rarely is enough to change such behaviour.  Dog obedience training trains a dog to perform specific actions when requested such as sit, down, stay, stand etc, etc. Dogs who have problems with socilisation, aggression, anxiety or any home related problems (barking, greeting visitors, nipping, jumping up) are more suited to the behavioural package where the aim is behaviour modification. Behaviour Modification is the systematic approach to actually changing behaviour.  Behaviour Modification looks to change a dog’s reaction to a particular situation, a person, a thing, an animal, etc. and not just to teach a dog a command to follow. This is why it is important when looking to improve your dogs behaviour that you choose the right professional and the right approach. While some Behaviour Modification makes use of obedience training techniques such as teaching a dog to sit or lie downthese taught behaviours are called on only as tools as part of an overall program that is hoped will change how the dog thinks, feels and acts. 


Why one to one?

As every dog is an individual and every owners requirements unique, the benefits of this kind of personalised training speaks for itself.

WillowUnlike a class training session where you and your dog are one of many, at Cottage Canines we offer one to one dog training specifically tailored to you and your dog's needs either in thecomfort of your own home or in our private training areas. During these sessions you are assured that the focus is solely on you and your dog.

Sessions can also be arranged around work and family schedules.


What would we cover?

Training starts at exactly the level you and your dog have reached. It may be that you need a refresher course for your young dog, or your new rescue dog is a little lacking in commands. Or perhaps you want to simply have some fun trying new things. Two of the most common training issues that people call Paul about are recall and lead walking. Both these are covered specifically in the training sessions.


All foundation commands are covered as well, from the simple sit and sit-stay, to gate work (wait) and ball play (drop).


However, you may be looking to add to your repertoire and so depending on the age and readiness of the dog, we also cover The Send Away. The Stop. Distance Control. Slow and fast pacing. Retrieving. And Agilty play.


The aim of the sessions is to making learning enjoyable for both dog and owner.


Where do we train?

Home visits are available and can be very useful in assisting with behaviours seen around the home.Then it is suggested that you and your dog may like to come to one of the private training areas that Paul uses in both in Whitwell and in Niton. Here he can provide a secure area with plenty of space and with fun equipment to create courses to make the session more interactive.

See where Paul trains


Paul will work with your dog hands on and demonstrate all training. 



 For recall, or on-going outdoor training, larger private training fields are used.

 In many cases Paul will also work alongside with one of his dogs.


 How do I book?

Give us a call on 01983 731282 or send an email.    


Book one home visit and two outdoor sessions for £60.

or Book 3 x one hour-long outdoor sessions for £50.

 Further one-to-one outdoor sessions are available at £15 per hour. (Home visits or initial assessment sessions £25 -£40) 






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