Dog Training and Behaviour Modification

                                                          Where Do We Train?


Paul uses a number of different training environments. Most of his early sessions both for Training and for Behaviour Modification take place in one of his private training areas.

These areas are fully fenced, secure field locations where one-to-one training and behaviour modification can take place. They are natural environments and Paul will always give the dog time to have a wander and a scent before training commences, encouraging the dog to relax and acclimatise to enhance learning.  

 Pauls training filed in Niton-



 And his Training and play area in Whitwell -

Field 2


When working with a dog, Paul often uses equipment including- poles, gates, jumps and tunnels to encourage the dog to have fun whilst learning. Courses are sometimes set up so that the dog can put their learning into practice.


  Jumps                IMG_8598


Paul will also train 'in situ' which includes accompanying you and your dog on a walk for lead walk training, for socilisation and for continued behaviour modification. He will also accompany on open walks if this is deemed valuable. Paul only works 'in situ' once the dog has been assessed and taken part in some in field training or modification. Accompanying you and your dog on a walk is often the next stage to enable the training you have done can be transferred to 'real life' situations. Paul will sometimes work with your dog in these environments or he will accompany you and bring one of his own dogs to assist.